Read on to discover the latest trends on eCommerce SEO & social media that will help your business not just survive, but thrive in this age of digitalisation.

SEO: Google Limits FAQ Rich Results to A Max of Two Per Snippet

Google has recently updated their search result page by limiting the FAQ snippet up to a maximum of two only. Previously there was no limit to display such FAQ rich search result. SEOs have noticed this limit for the last couple of days.

Did you implement an FAQ snippet on your website? If not, please contact us to do that.

Ecommerce SEO: Shopify Site Owners Can Edit Their Robots.txt Files

It’s good news that the website built in Shopify can now edit their Robots.txt files. Shopify is an eCommerce platform and it may contain numbers of products, category pages etc. This feature helps Shopify merchants to control their crawling. Generally, there are numbers of irrelevant URLs that can be generated in eCommerce website if used Faceted navigation and product filters. To avoid crawling such URL into Google, the robots.txt file can be really helpful. For Shopify sites, the robots.txt file can be edited through the robots.txt.liquid theme template.

See for a below example of an irrelevant URL that should not be crawled in Google.

This URL is blocked using the below robots.txt file:

Did you notice any URL on your eCommerce website like above? Contact us to fix them today.

Instagram: Rolls Out Reel Ads Globally

Instagram Reels is a short-form video platform. TikTok is its main competitor. Recently, the Reel ads have been rolled out globally. Initially, the ads were tested in selective markets. Now, it is accessible in all countries. This is a 30-sec ads format. Like other Reel’s video, people can like, comment and save it. Big brands like Netflix, Uber have started using this new ad platform.

Image Credits: Instagram

YouTube Ads: Video Action Campaigns

Google announced that TrueView for action campaigns will be transitioned into Video action campaigns beginning in early 2022. Video action campaigns drive 20% more conversions per dollar compared to TrueView for action, so this will be an effective change for the YouTube advertisers. One can still able to create new TrueView for actions ads until September 30, 2021. So, let’s set a reminder as this will be no not available after this.

Image Credits: Google