You may have noticed some flash animations, slow loading background video and complicated templates on some hotel’s websites. This kind of stuff does look good but in reality, does it help get direct booking to your hotel?

It is an interesting fact that 35% of visitors to an Online Travel Agents (OTAs) will at some point go to visit the hotel’s own website. Online Travel Agents (OTAs) commission fees can reach as high as 30%. So, if you want to increase direct bookings, you should have your own website.

Each hotel has its own needs, so we encourage you to consult an expert for a customised hotel booking website design requirement. If you really want to build the website of your hotel accommodation, contact our web development experts.


We create a website for your hotel accommodation for better interaction with your customers. We use the necessary tools adapted to your hotel. We can use the latest WordPress based hotel website design and development solutions as well as software or mobile application development.

Your hotel website needs to have:

  • Responsive design
  • Great user experience
  • Speed
  • Direct booking engine
  • Lead capture
  • Social proof
  • Useful, relevant content
  • Tracking and analytics
  • SEO functionality


Our priority is to adapt each web page in a personalized way to each type of customer. We advise requesting a quote with all possible details about your hotel’s accommodation. Our dedicated team will develop a personalized proposal with the budget according to your needs.

Below are some important features for your hotel website:


For direct contact with the client, you do not need to use external systems such as and Expedia that charge high commission. Book directly from your hotel being the direct contact from your website.


We also include the possibility of managing reservations upon payment. Linking the main online sales systems with credit cards through the Stripe platform, PayPal or bank transfer. The client will break down their needs, according to the number of people visiting the place. Selection of room type or extra services that will be charged. We customize a price for a web page that you can pay directly from the website.


Most potential customers visit your hotel website to find images, policies and amenities. With compelling Call-to-Action (CTAs) and pop-ups, you can inform your potential customer about the value you are offering with your booking.


Implementing a live chat/chatbot on a website is one of the important features to go with. After the implementation it can help to answer the common customer service questions, even it helps to execute sone simple tasks like fulfilling housekeeping requests, recommending local attractions and handling the guest complaints.


The positive OTA reviews drive booking decisions and your revenue. As per the research, around 93% of the potential customers male their hotel booking after checking the reviews on OTA platforms.


Blogging is a powerful content marketing and SEO strategy for your website. Most travellers are looking for in-depth content during their online booking journey. The blog also helps to improve your hotel’s website domain authority and stay up in when you are competing for your website with some best hotel keywords people use to search in Google and other search engines.

Many features are still important for creating a hotel website.

If you manage or own a hotel and are still getting ripped off by higher booking site fees, you can contact us and get guidance from our experts to create your hotel website.