The internet is full of websites, don’t you think?

Every industry will have thousands if not millions of websites, from ordinary things like news and business to more specific and unfamiliar topics, there are websites for everything.

A business can’t move forward without a website nowadays, don’t you think? A very difficult thing for many companies is to design a website that entices new customers and therefore captures their interest. It might sound easy, but in practice it is a lot harder than many people believe.

With so many websites to have it something unique and different it’s very difficult, but the good news is you don’t always have to. Designing a website doesn’t mean you have to do something unique, just that you have to be smart and think about the users when creating it.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help your website stand out and attract more visitors.

Focus on your landing page

The landing page will be the first thing that the vast majority of visitors to your website go to see, so make it stand out! From this page, explain who you are and what you offer.

With a landing page, it’s important to find the right balance to include enough information to attract the visitor but not enough to make it too complicated to read. It’s a difficult balance but if you do it right you can attract more people to your website.

An intelligent and innovative layout

Any website that hopes to be great should have a smart layout, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, it means it should be quick and easy for people to understand what you offer. If someone can’t find the correct section on your website, they will likely go out and find another.

So, make sure your website is easy to navigate, a list menu at the top or side of your website is a great feature to try. A menu with several sections will not interfere with other features / content and will offer quick and easy navigation.

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Say no to stock photos

Stock photos will not attract customers to your website! Stock photos might look professional (but they won’t always be) and might fit your design / content well, but they’re still a bad idea.

The stock photos you use are probably already in use on hundreds if not thousands of other websites, so your website may appear to be just a copy of the others and not unique in any case.

Include videos when appropriate

A website these days shouldn’t be just text and images, videos play an important role in the making of your website as well. Whatever your website is, there will usually be a way you can use video to make it stand out and better show your business to visitors.

Videos can make a difference and will surely help you stand out from the crowd.

New content

Our final tip to help your website stand out and attract visitors is to constantly update it with new creative content.

Each piece of content you add gives you another chance to attract new visitors, so make sure you constantly create new content via Blog etc.

Blog articles, videos, reviews, and more can all bring new people to your website, so be creative.

So, this is our advice to help you make your website stand out and attract new visitors.