Welcome to this week’s edition on the Digital Marketing trends. The growth of the digital marketing industry, in particular, is breath-taking and has been continuous for years. In various studies, it is proven again and again how effective individual measures can be here. Thanks to the fast flow of information over the Internet, it only takes a few months – if at all – for a trend to take hold globally.

In this article, we will present you to the most important digital marketing trends that will continue to strengthen in 2021.


Smart bidding in Google Ads uses machine learning to increase the conversion rate, that is, to encourage more users to click on the ad. To do this, Google uses the historical search behaviour of users and context-related information (such as location, time, device used and others) – this is intended to predict the probability of a conversion. If the collected data indicate an increased probability, the bid in Google Ads is automatically increased on the placement of the ad. Smart Bidding has clear advantages. That saves a lot of time. Smaller companies in particular benefit from this if they have neither the time, resources nor sufficient knowledge to set up self-optimized Google Ads campaigns.


Have you already visited a page and shortly afterwards a small chat window popped up in the lower right corner, in which a friendly contact person told you with words like “Hello! How can I help you?” Greeted? It was likely a Chatbot. Chatbots are supposed to be able to give simple answers to simple questions that you write in the chat window but often fail even with slightly more complex questions. Artificial Intelligence can solve this problem in a long run. AI learns from the interaction between people and chatbot and able to answers more and more complex questions easily. Artificial intelligence is intended to remedy this in the long term: the program learns continuously through interaction with real people and should be able to answer more and more questions automatically.


Here’s how to make sure your social media marketing is on point with Facebook shops. If you already have a business account on Facebook and a certain number of followers and do not have your online shop, you can use this option. It is also important that you only offer physical products – service providers and software manufacturers are therefore initially excluded. A big plus point is that Facebook shops are made available free of charge.


Instagram is one of the largest social networks worldwide, especially in the B2C market. There are 1 billion users, around half of whom are active on the platform every day (source: Statista). And it gets even better: 90% of users follow at least one company. Many users have discovered new products in this network that they did not know before, and mobile purchases are constantly increasing – which is likely to have increased since Corona.